Silkie- A fluffy chicken that make great pets, they are also very broody. They are a very good choice for a show chicken,this is also a great choice for a backyard chicken.

Game Chickens- A very hardy breed of chickens, they are a great choice if you are worried about predators. They are very fast, and can fly good compared to other chickens. They are also broody. This an overall great breed.

 Polish- A very beautiful breed of chickens. They usually have large feathers on their head, unlike most other chickens. A good choice for a show chicken.

Speckled Sussex- A very colorful breed, that have red and white specks on it. A good choice for an everyday backyard chicken.

 Ameraucana- Also called an Easter Egg chicken, an ameraucana chicken is a great chicken. They are one of the few breeds to lay different color eggs.(Blue, Green, Pink etc.) They come in many different colors, and are fluffy around their ears.

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